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Gabbro-Diabase Garnet Amphibolite (Nordic Sunset Granite) Lisya Gorcka/Fox Hill (Grey granite) Mansurovsky (Fine Grained Grey Granite) Tzvetok Urala/Ural Flower (Fine Grained Light-Grey Granite) Yuzhno-Sultaevsky (Red Granite)
Grey Marble from Polevskoy Quarry Grey-Blue Marble from the Oktyabrsky Quarry

Country of origin: Russia

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Yuzhno-Sultaevsky (Red Granite)

Yuzhno-Sultaevsky Granite is in great demand. It is distinguished by its coarse grained structure and a pinkish-brown color with dark and light flecks. Its positive qualities include high resistance to abrasion and strength against a harsh, outdoor environment. It is used exclusively for exterior decoration and road construction since it belongs to radiation hazard category 2 (radiation levels are higher than the natural background radiation but too low to observe any health effects). An important distinctive quality of Yuzhno Sultayevsky Granite is its uniform color. Moreover, rust stains rarely develop on its surface.

The stone is used for faҫade cladding, production of fences, curbs and paving stones, and the construction of stairs.

Tzvetok Urala/Ural Flower (Fine Grained Light-Grey Granite)

Tzvetok Urala Granite contains more than two dozen different minerals and chemical elements, but about 70% of its mass fraction are quartz, biotite and plagioclase, to which the stone owes its light grey color. However, sometimes this mineral can have a smoky pattern, which emphasizes its unique decorative effect.

Country of origin - Russia

Color – light grey highlighted by small flecks of black

Radiation hazard category 1 (radiation level within the range of natural background radiation).

Garnet Amphibolite (Nordic Sunset Granite)

Garnet Amphibolite, mined in the Nigrozero deposit in Karelia, has a unique color and texture.

Garnet Amphibolite lends itself to all types of surface treatment, the most popular of which is polishing. Slabs and panels made of Nordic Sunset Granite are suitable for a multitude of interior and exterior applications. Countertops, window sills, balusters, railings, treads, vases, fountains, panels, sculptures and bas-reliefs are just a partial list of products for which this granite is used.


Gabbro granite is a dense, hard and durable igneous rock. This high-strength coarse-grained black stone shows perfect frost resistance and is easy to process. After polishing it acquires a bright mirror like finish.

  • Type of natural stone - Gabbro-Diabase
  • Colour - black
  • Deposit - Drugoretskoye
  • Country of origin - Russia
  • Location - Karelia, Prionezhsky District, five kilometers south of Rybreka village.
Lisya Gorcka/Fox Hill (Grey granite)

Lisya Gorcka Granite is a very dense and durable material, resistant to any environmental, mechanical and chemical impacts. It is not affected by high humidity or severe droughts. It is an ageless stone that combines effortlessly with other architectural elements for well-balanced decoration and it will retain its original appearance even after a hundred years.

Country of origin - Russia

Color - grey-white pattern with homogeneous mottling of light and dark tones

Radiation hazard category 1 (radiation level within the range of natural background radiation).

Mansurovsky (Fine Grained Grey Granite)
Grey-Blue Marble from the Oktyabrsky Quarry

Ufaley Marble is extracted from Oktyabrsky Quarry near the town of Ufaley. The color of marble blocks ranges from blue-grey to dark grey. Ufaley marble is characterized by a number of distinctive features: its fine-grained structure, layered texture, and high fissility. Raw blocks of marble are extracted from an open-pit mine. Ufaley Marble is used to produce facing tiles.

Grey Marble from Polevskoy Quarry

Polevskoy Marble is a metamorphic rock. It has a coarse-grained structure and massive texture and is one of the most durable Ural Marbles. Its color is light grey, grey, or dark grey. Its pattern is vague or monotonous without pronounced stripes typical to Ufaley Marble.



Marble tiles have an obvious advantage over other materials:

  • Marble is environmentally friendly. It does not emit harmful substances. Marble quarrying does not cause significant harm to natural ecosystems.
  • Marble tiles are UV resistant. Even when used for exterior walls, they will not fade in the sun.
  • They are fire resistant: an open fire cannot damage marble tiles.
  • These ageless tiles are frost and moisture resistant. They will not lose their properties for centuries.
  • They are perfectly smooth; resistant to chemicals and vibrations; aesthetically attractive. They absorb noise.

Serpentine extracted, from the Shabry deposit, is a wonderful greenish spotted mineral commonly found in serpentinite rocks. The quarry is located in Sverdlovsk Region, just 20 km from Ekaterinburg. Local people call this mineral the Serpent-stone. Serpentine is also known as antigorite, chrysotile or Korean Jade. Ural Serpentine has been used as an ornamental stone by craftsmen for more than 400 years. This fine-grained stone is resistant to high and low temperatures.



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